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Bernhard (videos by Bernhard) (pictures by Bernhard)
: OK, I will write something up, put it on my site also since I want to get some roller skating stuff up, then submit it to you.

Do you already have a site up or is it still in the planning stage?

: I would love to contribute something to hopefully help someone else one day. I've gotten so much help here!

You already have contributed a lot. But I also think it will be useful if you put your experience into a coherent form.

: How did you hurt yourself? I read that below.

Probably you mean my latest injury. I just wanted to try out my re-vamped skates (took some pics of them today and hope to get the film developed soon) but shouldn't have, since I was very tired. Therefore I inevitably missed the coping with my skates and slammed with my shin-bone against it. I can still move OK, but it hurts when I touch it.

: When work starts, I will only be able to skate the parks on weekends, maybe til March. I wont like that. I hope I can stay in shape somehow.

Those are the facts of reality. I guess we all would like more freedom an complying weather in this respect.

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