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Health Insurance
Well, like I said I really don't know much about it, but you should read up on it or contact them. I read it is $25 per month. It seems to be only for sports accidents, but that is good with me. Give them a call and tell me what they say. I will call tomorrow, but it is good to share information. My new insurance does not cover my healed broken elbow. So, if I break it again I am out of luck. They also don't cover many sports related inuries. I got the insurance specifically for skating and it will not help. This other company may be the answer.

: : Hi all,
: :
: : I came across this information on a skateboard forum. I don't know much about it, but it seems you can get covered up to $25,000 for a skate injury. Check it out:
: Thanks Robert! Did you get an idea how much it will cost? I planned on working starting Oct 1. Now I'm not even with the clearance since they department is still on a hiring freeze. If I get medical insurance on my own and pay rent, I literally wont money to eat ! I spent money on things so I wont fall or get hurt. I dont think I will now if I skate careful. Also I was told since I have no assets and no job that if I ended up in the hospital they would drop the bill.
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