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: Hi all,
: I came across this information on a skateboard forum. I don't know much about it, but it seems you can get covered up to $25,000 for a skate injury. Check it out:

Some info:

My brother thinks its a scam! Or that you will have to pay all up front, then it will take 6 months at best to reimburse you or worse. He said he wouldnt trust giving them a credit card number. Its new too. He said CareFirst Blue Cross is the best for medical emergencies, getting reimbursed. My brother does tons of camping, traveling, and is active. He likes to hurt himself too lol.

I spoke to the insurance agent. He is calling and still coming up with quotes so that I can live too.

So with your elbow, is this a different insurance you went with and that was considered a preexisting condition? I was told if its within a certain time frame, there are no preexisting conditions. I dont understand it. I'm not sure if I have any..........
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