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Health Insurance
I will contact them tomorrow and the guy who is handling finding me insurance. I dont need health insurance now since I take no meds and have no health problems that require treatment, just skating accidents and other accidents. So this may be perfect for me! Thanks so much Robert! If its true, I will be very happy and relieved.

: Well, like I said I really don't know much about it, but you should read up on it or contact them. I read it is $25 per month. It seems to be only for sports accidents, but that is good with me. Give them a call and tell me what they say. I will call tomorrow, but it is good to share information. My new insurance does not cover my healed broken elbow. So, if I break it again I am out of luck. They also don't cover many sports related inuries. I got the insurance specifically for skating and it will not help. This other company may be the answer.
: : : Hi all,
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: : : I came across this information on a skateboard forum. I don't know much about it, but it seems you can get covered up to $25,000 for a skate injury. Check it out:
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: : Thanks Robert! Did you get an idea how much it will cost? I planned on working starting Oct 1. Now I'm not even with the clearance since they department is still on a hiring freeze. If I get medical insurance on my own and pay rent, I literally wont money to eat ! I spent money on things so I wont fall or get hurt. I dont think I will now if I skate careful. Also I was told since I have no assets and no job that if I ended up in the hospital they would drop the bill.
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