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installing ramp trucks/jump bar, washer question
Don't go without the bottom washer. Your cushions will get chewed up in no time. You need a thinner bottom cushion. You can just slice a little bit off the one's you have now. Don't do this with the top cushions though. That would change the geometry of the truck and the top cushion would not sit in it properly.

: I am putting on the ramp trucks (got them!) and using 2 jump bars as my grind bar for now. But even with the softest cushions on there, with the 2 bars on, I dont have room for the last washer before the jump bar. Is this OK? When I got my first aggressive skates with rollergirl's grind bars, there was no washer between the bushings and grindbar either. They looked like this:
: So it was plate, washer, bushing, truck, bushing, grind bar, nut. Now I have it as plate, washer, bushing, truck, bushing, 2 jumpbars, nut. I cant get the nut fully on if I put the washer underneath it. It seems fine but just want to double check. Cant wait to roll on them! Its cooled off and skating couldn't be any better right now!! Had a FANTASTIC skate day today. :-D
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