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A picture of my setup to explain
Hey, if it aint broke, dont fix it!

My new setup helps a lot though. The longer-wider trucks really allows me to throw my whole body into things and skate much more aggressively, so I get much more speed and height. Its SOOO much more fun now!! It also decreases the times I fall by about 90%! That in my book is amazing. I rarely fall now. Then my knee pads allow me to skate harder, no pain, no worry. Love em! So it doesnt really make me a better skater per say, but it allows me the opportunity to improve much quicker and skate harder and faster, enjoy myself more and be injury free. But I was told I've improved a lot so maybe it has. :-D

OK, plus its fun and rewarding. And I can tailor it to my own needs/body. I really dig building stuff myself by hand. My next set up in another year will be more out of fun then necessity. I would build my own house if I had the time/money!! I already built most my furniture, etc. I enjoy it.

: I think you are all amazing for being able to put together your skates. I got very interested in putting together something, but after seeing how hard it is I decided that it is overkill. In the old days, many skaters did not have anywhere to buy anything so they put together their own setups. I think it is awesome, but I have decided just to stick with what I have. I met a medal worker on OMA and he said he would make me a plate, but I don't know what I would do with it and I don't think it would make a difference. I could be totally wrong, but I really don't think my skate set up with change my skating at all. For the first time in my entire skate life, I have wide trucks. I am totally stoked on my skates and I can grind, but other than that my skating has not changed. I grew up on stock Chicago skates and then switched to speed skates. I know have a speed boot with some sort of plate, a grind bar and wide trucks with skateboard wheels. I really don't notice a difference. I think the grind bars would be cool, if I did major plate slided, but I don't. I was always a pop off coping guy.

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