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installing ramp trucks/jump bar, washer question
: : How would it cause problems?
: I can't tell, since I never tried such a set-up and also know no one who did. Lisa says it's no problem, Dave says your cushion will be destroyed very quickly. I don't know.
Well, he hasnt responded back yet but I think he was refering the to the cushions by the plate. I was told its OK and its how Lisa sets up her grind bars.

Anyway, I took it out for a 2 1/2 hour spin lol, they rode PERFECT! I couldnt ask for a better ride. I'm in love with this ramp trucks. No complaints really about how they handle. I think they are OK without the washer cause the metal grind bars act as a washer. The cushions do not rub on anything. Even so, cushions are cheap and I have an extra pair so if thats it, its not that big of a deal. Like I said, handles better then expected!

But it seems like this wont be the last of my set ups. After riding it today, I was wishing my plates could have been turned out more so they might pull a touch outwards. Not yet ideal for sidestance which I eventually wanna do too. And when I get better, I think I will want the wheels pushed to the end more for vert. Not necessary now. Plus, for some reason today, my wheels felt slick. I think its because the weather has cooled and the rubber ramps arent sticky. So now my wheels I put on are too small since I switched to softer onces. The size seems to slow things down more then the softness since my oak street skates have soft wheels but they larger and rode faster. So one day I would like skateboard wheels too. Just because I find its very hard to find an appropriate roller skate wheel. So I think next time around I will build the plate with skateboard trucks since the roller skate plates dont accomplish this as well. The skateboarders thought my new trucks were COOL!

So-far, this is definitely the best setup that I've rode on!! Just wish my legs wouldnt tire out lol. I could skate all day.......... I couldnt be happier! :-D Thanks for the input.
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