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wheel problems........
I seem to be struggling with my wheels. For just riding the ramps, I love the roller bones. For jumping, grinding, I want something with more grip. I have aerobics on now and when I drop in they are SLOW. Small and sticky. I dont even go beyond the coping on the other side. :-( When I spin the transition after I drop in, they really stick. I really want to go BEYOND the coping now though!! Should I put on my zodiacs again? Has anyone heard stuff about tuners or flat outs for skatepark, if they hold up and if they are fast? Idealy, I would prefer about 90a, 62+ mm. I think I will have to do a skateboard set up later cause there doesnt seem to be an appropriate roller skate wheel for me that doesnt fall apart, has some grip and is fast. I cant do stalls if I dont go beyond the coping. Or is it cause its a mini ramp? I will do the bigger ramps this week, maybe tomorrow if I dont chicken out. Or do I need to decide if I want to do ramps or jump/grind? Cause a grip wheel isnt great on the ramps and a hard wheel isnt great on landing the jumps, not while I'm learning that is.
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