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wheel problems........
: : But I'm doing the big kids ramp now, dropping in! I'm stoked beyond belief!! FANTASTIC day!!!!!!
: Wohoo!

Did you hear me lol? :-P Cause thats what I yelled the first coupla times I did it!!!! All the guys at the skatepark did I think lol. I was super HAPPY! :-D To not be afraid is a big deal for me. Thats what it takes to drop in. I've been afraid of heights since I was born. Now I'm not scared, its so much FUN.

: : Now it will be easy for me to roll into the bowls. Do those hit harder then wood/rubber? Or not cause you slide so easily??
: You will be glad that you have your hip pads in the bowl. If you slam on concrete, it can be very painful. It won't be a problem any more when you have learned the proper bailing technique and you falls are under control. Then you just slide on your knee caps which should be very easy (provided that the concrete is as smooth as it should be).

The concrete is super smooth. So that will help. I think I will slide into the bowl and roll around to get the idea of carving it first, then roll in to the other end, then try to get a line. I will fall a lot at first. Turning left isnt my strength and thats how you enter the bowl. I cant wait to try it out this weekend! I want to get down the ramps and bowls as much as possible now cause they may close this winter. CAN'T WAIT!
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