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wheel problems........
Yes, I am, very interested in my materials, what they are (composition), how they are made/built, how they work, how long they will last. I have a science, art, design and now (still working on) computer background. Its either right or wrong and I like to get it right. I like to solve problems and make things work better for me. Its very rewarding, not to mention fun!

You are probably right. But imagine a 12-13 year old kid, I'm the same size, very small. So 6 5/8" axels will probably kill me! I will probably have to build plates with mini skateboard trucks or something not too much wider. From wheel end to wheel end it has to be below 6" for me. I guess I'll put the zodiacs on til they are totaled and go from there. Hopefully soon I will have income and can start on a better set up by spring.

Hey, not too many cocktails, OK, u too silly.

: It blows me away that you are such a technician. It must come with your creative/technology background. Either you over think things or I have missed out over the years not having the right equipment. First of all, most rollerskate wheels suck for skateparks. Definitely with rollerskate wheels you can't have things both ways. You either have fast wheels that are slippery or slow wheels that grip. When I broke my elbow, it was because of the lame wheels I had. They were super slow and I did not have enough speed and landed on the flat bottom. I suggest going with hard and fast wheels. Your skating sounds so much more technical than mine and I really can't relate. I have always just done tricks and never really worried about my equipment. Since reading these differnt forums I have become a bit more savvy on equipment. If you get the longer trucks from sure grip, then you can use skateboard wheels which are designed more for skateparks. Most of the people on here have custom set ups and don't deal with the stuff we do. Get rid of the rollerskate wheels and go for the speed. You can always adjust to sliding, but slow wheels are terrible.
: : I seem to be struggling with my wheels. For just riding the ramps, I love the roller bones. For jumping, grinding, I want something with more grip. I have aerobics on now and when I drop in they are SLOW. Small and sticky. I dont even go beyond the coping on the other side. :-( When I spin the transition after I drop in, they really stick. I really want to go BEYOND the coping now though!! Should I put on my zodiacs again? Has anyone heard stuff about tuners or flat outs for skatepark, if they hold up and if they are fast? Idealy, I would prefer about 90a, 62+ mm. I think I will have to do a skateboard set up later cause there doesnt seem to be an appropriate roller skate wheel for me that doesnt fall apart, has some grip and is fast. I cant do stalls if I dont go beyond the coping. Or is it cause its a mini ramp? I will do the bigger ramps this week, maybe tomorrow if I dont chicken out. Or do I need to decide if I want to do ramps or jump/grind? Cause a grip wheel isnt great on the ramps and a hard wheel isnt great on landing the jumps, not while I'm learning that is.
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