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I have also read that it is bad to stretch when you are not warmed up. I do sort of a half assed stretch before I skate. I walk to the end of the parking lot and back and then do my stretches. After I skate, I make sure to stretch. I have not skated all week because of my back and neck, but I am sure the break is helping my thighs which still hurt a little. Getting old sucks.

: : : What type of stretching do others do to prevent injury? I seem to have slightly strained my hamstring tendon again. So 2 days no skating. :`( It might just be cause I skate til I can't walk and have no control when I should stop lol? But I think if I warmed up better, stretched more, maybe I could prevent this and not get so sore or injured? I think my hamstrings are weak since they keep hurting. I'm not sure why I use them so much skating. I like to jump I guess! :-P
: :
: : Two of my favorite skaters stretch for 30 mins+ before and after rollerskating.
: : Nelo and Brian are rare in this. I stretch always before and sometimes after. I didn't when I was younger, but have been since I hit 40. It's a good idea at any age. Common sense should rule on this one!
: 30+ min? Wow, I usually do 5 or so. I will change that. Maybe slower too? I read if you are too warm, you can strain a muscle/tendon or if you arent warmed up enough. I've read that static stretching isnt as good as active (range of motion), etc. donno. I guess age requires more care!
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