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Well, think I have tendonitis around the inner side and front/bottom of my knee! I over did it. Its not bad but gets stiff if I sit a long time better when I move but guess I have to rest now. I read stretching/warming up should help. I guess I need to put in some rest days and/or not skate til my legs fall off too. I will try to ease into it rather then put skates on, bolt like theres no tomorrow lol. Maybe tomorrow it will be better but not skating much this weekend myself til the stiffness goes away. Wish I were younger myself. The older I get, the less abuse my body puts up with. I've got to eat right, sleep, pad up, stretch and warm up now too? Do they make padded, supportive/neoprene Depends hahahahaha!?????? I dont want to quit this, even when my body does.... I wish I knew why I keep getting tendonitis everywhere. I guess I'm out of shape too.

: I have also read that it is bad to stretch when you are not warmed up. I do sort of a half assed stretch before I skate. I walk to the end of the parking lot and back and then do my stretches. After I skate, I make sure to stretch. I have not skated all week because of my back and neck, but I am sure the break is helping my thighs which still hurt a little. Getting old sucks.
: : : : What type of stretching do others do to prevent injury? I seem to have slightly strained my hamstring tendon again. So 2 days no skating. :`( It might just be cause I skate til I can't walk and have no control when I should stop lol? But I think if I warmed up better, stretched more, maybe I could prevent this and not get so sore or injured? I think my hamstrings are weak since they keep hurting. I'm not sure why I use them so much skating. I like to jump I guess! :-P
: : :
: : : Two of my favorite skaters stretch for 30 mins+ before and after rollerskating.
: : : Nelo and Brian are rare in this. I stretch always before and sometimes after. I didn't when I was younger, but have been since I hit 40. It's a good idea at any age. Common sense should rule on this one!
: :
: : 30+ min? Wow, I usually do 5 or so. I will change that. Maybe slower too? I read if you are too warm, you can strain a muscle/tendon or if you arent warmed up enough. I've read that static stretching isnt as good as active (range of motion), etc. donno. I guess age requires more care!
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