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My good friend attempted to make and sell shirts and he lost money. If you have no upfront costs, then that is great, but I am guessing you can not generate the volume they would like. Depending on the price, I would definitely buy one. Put together a graphic and take some pre orders and see if it is worth it. I am guessing not, but I would love to get a vert rollerskating shirt. Recently, I have become extremely proud of our sport and even talk about it at work. These people must think I am a nut. lol

: well, found a place that would print them, handle money transactions for me, etc. I would earn $5/t-shirt I sold lol, no wont get rich, and may have to get releases from all the skaters I show due to liability which would be a pain. Is there a market beyond 2 people lol? I can also do mugs, etc. too with them but I might be able to print them myself with my photoshop image which would come out nicer, just buying the stuff might not cash out.
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