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This place that I found, I wouldnt profit much at all but there are no upfront costs, I dont have to deal with the application of the image or handling of the money. They market it all. So I think I will do it. I need to come up with some text though to finish it up! So if you have input, let me know. Like Old Skool Skaters or Rip it up! or something like that.

I wish there was more of a market for it. But I'm still proud to be one of the few. I hope what Lisa keeps saying about derby girls doing it is true but to my knowledge, it isnt happening. Or maybe a few just roll around a bit like I see other girls come and go at the park on other wheels and then quit. But when I see it, or I hear some new girls here on the forum and/or from other vert skaters, I will believe it. Even if its only a dozen of us in the whole world roller skating, I love it with all my heart!

: My good friend attempted to make and sell shirts and he lost money. If you have no upfront costs, then that is great, but I am guessing you can not generate the volume they would like. Depending on the price, I would definitely buy one. Put together a graphic and take some pre orders and see if it is worth it. I am guessing not, but I would love to get a vert rollerskating shirt. Recently, I have become extremely proud of our sport and even talk about it at work. These people must think I am a nut. lol
: : well, found a place that would print them, handle money transactions for me, etc. I would earn $5/t-shirt I sold lol, no wont get rich, and may have to get releases from all the skaters I show due to liability which would be a pain. Is there a market beyond 2 people lol? I can also do mugs, etc. too with them but I might be able to print them myself with my photoshop image which would come out nicer, just buying the stuff might not cash out.
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