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: This T-shirt thing has evolved into something even bigger. Bernhard, you took my little phrase and asked what we should call this site? I know that it is cheesy and lame, but we should come up with a name and make this sort of a club or culture. We obviously have a few people on here that are extremely creative and artistic. I am guessing Claudine could help the website with some graphics or at least the shirts. lol This lady is one crazy, obsessed skater. Bernhard, your tiny little forum or website is so big and you may not know it. I think the few of us here should pitch in and grow this site. I am not talking about selling out or being commercial, just reaching other rollerskates. I do like Origin8 for the shirt.

Yeah, spread the word and get the roller skaters together! Brian did this five years ago, when this forum started. Lisa was one of the first to drop by. She thought she was the only roller skater in the world doing this kind of stuff back then (OK, I thought I was the only one left when I started this site in 1999 and that every other roller skater had switched to inlines and that I was the only one who couldn't go the inline route). Now I have the impression that there are at least one hundred roller skaters out there, old farts and also new blood. The times have improved, indeed!

And yes, Origin8 is pretty good. Graphics for the site aren't needed at the moment. First I would have to get up my ass and redo the information design. You know the Bauhaus motto: Form follows function. The name thing would be even higher on the list. I already have on catchy domain,, and that works quite well. There is at least one contributor to who viewed the roller skate stuff as a part of I heartily disagree. The roller skate site needs it's own identity.
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