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grind bars/skateboard wheels
: Looks like I will be getting a set of tracker plates and mid tracks trucks! :-D I'm not yet certain on the grind bar. I dont want wood blocks cause of the weight, it would be too much for me. I want something light, stable, and simple. Would square PVC pipe work? Is it hard to cut? I dont know what they have at Home Depot but something like this
: Or thought of an inline grind frame cut up. If not guess I will have to wait if the minis work with rollergirls grind bars.
: Also, explain what PF ans SPF all mean. Really hard wheels I assume? Do hard skateboard wheels still have grip? How does 95a compare to a 95a roller skate wheel and compare to SPF wheel? It might take some time but hopefully I will have an awesome set up before spring, fast and perfect for grinding!

95a is the duromiter(hardness) of the urethane used in that particular wheel.A 95a roller wheel and a 95a dildo is the exact same hardness but quality and pouring technique are the defining factors for speed,grip,wear resistance and rebound.Tim Dawe, the creator of Ozi,Cocroach,cozmo,point blank,Cortech and electro urethane is the master wheel maker in my humble opinion and you cannot go wrong in buying any of his product.I have a few mates rolling on rainskates wheels too and are more than happy with them,they are US made wheels so should be easy to track down.

cheers joe
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