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: : : But this is interesting. The inliners skate on 88-90a. Is it that a wider wheel has more grip too?
: :
: : That's one reason. The other is that the wheels are in one line, not in two tracks.
: yep, that's tricky because the sliding point depends also on the pressure (force*area) applied on the wheels.
: Maybe as quads have a wider contact area and our trucks can impose a higher force, by tork effect, the harder wheels are needed? (This is an interesting subject for my students!)
: Nevermind, PF or new school 95a skateboard wheels are magic: still grippy!!!! I learned ramp with hard artistic quad wheels (another hardeness scale), they were like stones (not the Claudine you know ;-), well like rocks if you prefer!!!
: : Maybe I should call this site 4tracks ...
: Origin8 is really good!!!! (In side stance it's 2tracks??)

I think I like Origin8! I'll get to work on that again later this week if I can stop thinking about skating and do my homework first lol. Yes, artistic wheels have no grip or rebound and bite so thats why I wanted soft. And thats why the extra mile to get a skateboard set up. I'm not so worried about weight now cause more weight might = more speed which would = more air which = > :-D!

F*A, interesting, OK, I'm a nerd lol! I like to understand this stuff. Makes sense though, also larger diameter wheels which roll easier harder too and larger width increases stability I think.
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