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joe90 (videos by joe90) (pictures by joe90)
grind bars/skateboard wheels
: I have both (from Lisa)
: -Powell bowl bomber 64mm 95a
: -Powell bowl bomber 64mm PF (Park formula)
: As they have the same shape,and size, they are easy to compare, for me:
: -95a always keep grip, rolling or sliding.
: -PF are much harder, faster and also grippier, directive, but when they slide you are on ice (good on the coping): for the PF there is no transition between total grip/total slide, whereas for the 95a you always keep some grip for this transition....
: The PF don't flat spot (nore the 95a), but they tends to have "wheel bites" (not the 95a), on ramp bolts for example. They both wear down very slowly (very go(o)d material) and e(a)venly.
: For both, you need very smooth surfaces, specialy for the PF
: Both don't have core (so you can abuse them down to the bearings) and don't have de-hubing troubles. But modern hubbed wheels (rainskate, Joes' advices, Rockron...) are lighter, with less rotating inertia, keeping a better alignement for the bearings.
: I'm very happy with both, but Joes adviced wheels (Cortech, rainskate, Roncknron and Autobahn) are on my wish list!!!!!
: Cheers
: : 95a is the duromiter(hardness) of the urethane used in that particular wheel.A 95a roller wheel and a 95a dildo is the exact same hardness but quality and pouring technique are the defining factors for speed,grip,wear resistance and rebound.Tim Dawe, the creator of Ozi,Cocroach,cozmo,point blank,Cortech and electro urethane is the master wheel maker in my humble opinion and you cannot go wrong in buying any of his product.I have a few mates rolling on rainskates wheels too and are more than happy with them,they are US made wheels so should be easy to track down.
: :
: : cheers joe

Hey Zorg are the cortech's hard to get over there? I may be able to help out..

cheers joe
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