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I feel pretty darn old today. I called my coach from college last night since I dont understand this injury. I skated Monday and maybe also Tuesday (maybe not, forgot lol), just super tight muscles, took Wed off, Thurs. evening I was in pain. I wake up, it doesnt hurt, just tight/stiffness, then I guess the tendon inflames and it gets really sore by the end of the day. So in the morning I think I can skate in another 2 days, at night I think 2 more weeks, maybe more.

Well, he actually didnt realize how old I was. He said when you get older, things take longer to heal and your body doesnt take injuries as well. "You're not 20 anymore" grrrrrrrrrr..... Plus I'm extremely hyperactive, so even when sendatory, I move a lot, on my feet a lot, walk a lot, so leg injuries are tough for me to rest. Cant help it.

He also thought strength training was a good idea and my hamstrings are weak, but he said 2 sets 10-12 after I'm healed while I read online for gymnasts, they recommend as low as 3 reps. And flexibility.

So am I just getting old? Do I need to skate only ever other day if I'm going to go so hard to prevent overuse injuries? Or do this temporarily til I'm in shape? Will strength training, streching, warming up solve the problem and if so what strength training program should I focus on?

I dont want to slow down. But is this needed? How do I get younger lol? I guess its not even been a year, so is this just being out of shape since I havent been active like this in many years....I hope? Irene, how do you do it or do you have aches and pains that keep you from rollin too? Sorry to gripe, I see my skates and its torture. I WANNA SKATE. I dont like swimming, I sink like a brick. The only thing that floats on me is my head lol.
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