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OK, understand.

Now that I think of it, when I started running at 16-17, I had runners knee, went to the podiatrist for orthotics, lots of getting in shape injuries. Then when I got good, still couldnt run hard everyday. Tendonitis in ankles, surgery on feet later, etc. I couldnt keep up to do what it takes to make it real big. But skating is more skill.

I think I need more strength conditioning. And to realize that my mind wants hard every day, maybe my body says every other is good. I think I've always been this way so its not just age. Less often is not a problem when I'm working again, but too much free time now. I was skating everyday til I was in pain and could hardly walk lol. Guess its my fault lol? I feel like I'm going to the amusement park when I skate, not exercising, so its hard to take days off.

: Older === more time to recover, to do new tricks (but less to understand how to do them), and much more 'endurance' to practice,... as my father always told me, and now I begin to feel it, even if I have 20 a 2nd time....
: 5/6 hours sessions (Rsk8 or windsurf) are not a problem now, but were hard when I was 20 (same weight). Think endurance and knowledge improved.... But 2 hours after a good session I'm quite sleepy.... a good night and 2 resting (or working) days are good for me to fill up the batteries (muscles and brain). It's not easy to find the good life cycle length and not overcharge your body.
: Have fun!!!!
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