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Yep true!
My first lifting session, he told me to eat up good afterwards, and now its serious nap time lol.

Now that I'm into it, weights is perfect if injured. Now my muscles are really tired out and I'm happily exhausted like I've skated. Skating is tons strength I can tell. I'm going to be set by spring to do incredible handplants! I'll also work on inversions now.

Well, the injury is not necessarily lack of strength. He said my wirey appearance is deceiving. I have very small bones/frame so a lot of me is actually dense muscle. I impressed him how much I could lift! Seems like the injury was from lack of recovery, and tightness in that one muscle. And probably a muscle imbalance. So stretching twice a day from now on. More warm ups/cool downs. Its healing I can tell. Now I'm getting stronger! I'll be back better then ever. I feel so much better!

Weights seem better then swimming for me. I dont feel worn out after swimming. I'll keep this up all winter. Its easier for me to get my lungs back but takes time/work to get strength, power and flexibility. I was feeling bummed that age was taking over. I think I just need a touch more recovery time, and work more on flexibility.

: Older === more time to recover, to do new tricks (but less to understand how to do them), and much more 'endurance' to practice,... as my father always told me, and now I begin to feel it, even if I have 20 a 2nd time....
: 5/6 hours sessions (Rsk8 or windsurf) are not a problem now, but were hard when I was 20 (same weight). Think endurance and knowledge improved.... But 2 hours after a good session I'm quite sleepy.... a good night and 2 resting (or working) days are good for me to fill up the batteries (muscles and brain). It's not easy to find the good life cycle length and not overcharge your body.
: Have fun!!!!
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