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Question for Bernhard
It is very possible I am not using the forum correctly. If someone posts a topic I would like to be able to click in order each response. It seems I need to go back to the main page and try to find out who responded next to what was said. In other words, sometimes I will click on a name and end up reading a post that was written before the one I just read so I read the same post with out the response. Make sense? Either way, sounds complicated.

: : Bernhard, I don't know much about programming, but am wondering if the posts could be in order from start to finish and I could just click down the each response? I am just curious. This is only a question and definitely not a complaint. I only ask this because it would make it easier for me to read the posts while at You are the best bro, so don't even think I am complaining!
: Robert, I think this is an interesting question you are bringing up. I have to go a bit in depth, however.
: First, let me talk about the view this forum provides. This is a hierarchical view where under each discussion thread the associated answers are show, the most recent ones on top. The same goes for answers to ansers so that all in all we get a tree for each discussion thread. The advantage is that you can immediately see which message is an answer to which message and the structure of the discussion is obvious. Well, at least in theory. It requires that the users put their reply in the correct place, which is not always the case.
: This brings up the second point. Most web discussion forums are based on a software called PHPBB, which doesn't follow this hierarchical concept. A discussion in PHPBB is just an unstructured linear flow of messages. The advantage is that a complete discussion thread can be read in cronological order in one page, the disadvantage is that the structure of the discussion isn't represented. Users of this kind of forum help themselves by indicating the poster, to whom they reply, by e.g. "@Robert".
: OK, after this lengthy preliminary explanation, where do we stand with this forum? What can be achieved, is something similar to those bulletin board style forum: a linear view of each discussion thread, which can be obtained by clicking on a "all" link. I have been thinking about this. I have also sawn it implemented on a similar forum, There is also another feature which might be useful. You can see the content of a message by just putting the mouse pointer over the link in the overview. Something similar to what I have already implemented in the image browser. There you can get a thumbnail flyover on the list of numbers representing the images posted by a particular person. It works with the Firefox browsers but I haven't seen it working with MS's IntrusionEngine browser. Therefore I didn't advertise this feature on the forum. I also don't have the possibility to test with MS software since I don't use this (I wonder why there isn't a campain along the lines: "MS software? Just say NO!").
: Well at the end of a long posting, I have to say that I am not sure if I exactly understood your requirememts (are you talking about a different per-thread view or about a different forum-view or maybe about both) and also not sure if I provided something sensible in the direction of an answer.
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