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Bernhard (videos by Bernhard) (pictures by Bernhard)
Question for Bernhard
: It is very possible I am not using the forum correctly.

Which I doubt very much. At least I can read your posts ...

: If someone posts a topic I would like to be able to click in order each response. It seems I need to go back to the main page and try to find out who responded next to what was said. In other words, sometimes I will click on a name and end up reading a post that was written before the one I just read so I read the same post with out the response. Make sense? Either way, sounds complicated.

I have now implemented the total view which I suggested. You can get to it from the message view by clicking the "All" link on the header line. There is a similar "Tree" link on the "All" view which leads back to the message view with the reply tree below it.

Can you try it out and give your feedback? Feedback and suggestions are always welcome. Don't take it as negative when I do not program something immediately. Sometime I'm just missing the time or the correct idea.
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