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Question for Bernhard
Ok, it is official. I am a moron. I realize now that if I click on the original post, then I can just go down and click on each consecutive link. I did check out the all link and that is pretty cool, but the old way is fine now that I have realized my errors.

: : It is very possible I am not using the forum correctly.
: Which I doubt very much. At least I can read your posts ...
: : If someone posts a topic I would like to be able to click in order each response. It seems I need to go back to the main page and try to find out who responded next to what was said. In other words, sometimes I will click on a name and end up reading a post that was written before the one I just read so I read the same post with out the response. Make sense? Either way, sounds complicated.
: I have now implemented the total view which I suggested. You can get to it from the message view by clicking the "All" link on the header line. There is a similar "Tree" link on the "All" view which leads back to the message view with the reply tree below it.
: Can you try it out and give your feedback? Feedback and suggestions are always welcome. Don't take it as negative when I do not program something immediately. Sometime I'm just missing the time or the correct idea.
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