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Bouncing shoes
: : I could not find the exact ones that I want, but these are pretty cool. You can jump six feet in the air.
: Looks pretty dangerous to me!
: : I wish the Reidel or Sure Grip would put their engineers to work and make us some awesome vert skates.
: Hehe. You don't want to build yourself ...
: The bets are on if there will be a usable industry vert skate. Hasn't happened in decades!

Well, Lisa keeps mentioning how derby girls are doing it. I hope she is right. But I see girls come to the park every now and then on either inlines or a skateboard. They go up and down a few flat small ramps, giggle, fall, stand in the waay and then I never see them again.

So I'm not sure if the derby girls are just using bowls as a banked track which requires no special skate or if they are wanting to get serious about it. What I have heard elsewise is that derby girls are using the bowls to train inside them, as a derby track, nothing more. But I hope Lisa is right!

I'm putting together a "how to" page on my website now hoping that beginners might see it and it might help get others started. I want to skate with another roller skater one day.
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