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Bouncing shoes
: I'm putting together a "how to" page on my website now hoping that beginners might see it and it might help get others started.

That's great. Could be that this works out completely different than imagined.

: I want to skate with another roller skater one day.

There is no-one left here for about 100 km. 15 to 20 years ago there were quite some roller skaters and you could have lots of funny sessions. But it's not only the vertical roller skater who have diminished in numbers. There are also fewer skateboarders, fewer inliners, fewer everthing on the half pipes. May Duke Rennie got it when he refers to roller skaters as a "dying breed".

On a positive note: I am pretty sure that you will skate with other roller skaters some day. Probably not in 2007, though.
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