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Bouncing shoes
Well, patience, I dont always have lol, but persistance, YES. I still dont have it but I am enjoying the challenge. I like to think things through.....just like building my skates! So thick I found a nice path for me.

Got the paper. The article was disappointing at best. No I am not in it, the way they portrayed skating wasnt to my liking. You are right. They focused on the negatives, how its not for the feint at heart. One guy mentioned how he has broke almost every bone in his body. Well, to me that is not the focus of skating. Thats what I avoid and thats why I wear pads and think the kids are dumb for not doing so themselves. To me the focus is on the challenge, the FEELING, the ride, the thrill, the freedom, the speed. I wasnt happy in the article. Why dont they focus on how this guy broke x,y,z in football? I hope to never break anything and be injury free as much as possible. I'm working on getting my muscles strong to handle the exploisivness of it now.

This winter, I plan on doing freestyle to learn to rotate jumps and jump high for fun. I want something to complement it. I didnt find derby to my liking. If I get some money, I would like to take adult gymnastics too! I want to have fun til I die lol.

: : Back to the coding board......
: Good luck! Programming requires a clear head, patience and persistence. Virtues you obviously have.
: : But come next summer, I am going to rip it up with Eric! Hes going to show me some tricks. It will probably be the best day of my life. :-D
: It's always good to have something to look forward to.
: : Yeah, also disappointed. The newpaper that was there for the skate competition, I looked on the internet and no writeup on it at all. I will go and pick up the paper tomorrow to see if its written up at all. Well, to me anyway, skating is much more important then football, cross country, field hockey, volleyball, bummer. I still plan on training hard this next year to make a good impression to make some news.
: My view on the general media is quite pessimistic. I have come to the conclusion that they have no interest whatsoever to report on something interesting to me (or to you). There interest lies in selling their publication. Therefore they will always go for mass appeal (i.e. football and the like) and for sensationalism. You'd probably made it into the news if you had such a bad slam that you had damaged yourself beyond recognition.
: I once was in the local paper. The reporter wanted to write an article about car-surfing with roller skates. I didn't want to push this into the general news paper in not to attract imitatators. Heck, there is people dying from car-surfing! We should show a bit of responsibility by not pushing this on the kids. The press should show a bit of responsibility. Therefore, I took him to a local contest which he liked very much and which he also mentioned in his article (calling me the "Godfather of roller skates" :-)). But he couldn't refrain from talking about car-surfing. The lesson I learned from this: It's best to keep away from the press.
: : My leg is about healed so I should be back skating very soon.
: It's too cold and too dark here to skate.
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