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a cool video
I was not sure if that was two people or just one guy. I am guessing someone on here knows who this is? Claudine, I realize you are trying to embrace skating with so much enthusiasm, but I want to ask a favor. Will you stick to skating with both feet forward? So many of the skaters on here skate sidestance and I think they are amazing! I just need a few people out there to skate my style. lol I think people that skate side stance have so much style and are so amazing, but our sport is so limited in people and I need a few that skate my style. : )

: Thats why I posted cause the skateparks here have stuff like that and thats stuff I will learn eventually. I'm not sure how he did that spin on the coping but thats really awesome looking! I will save that and watch it a million times lol. He has really cool flip videos too. Yeah, hes a great sk8r! U-tube is the best.
: : I have seen that video and those guys are ripping it up. I love the fact that this person can skate side stance and parellel. I also really like all of the different plate tricks he does. Claudine, if you have a mini ramp, those are the types of plate tricks you should try to learn. They are not real hard, but look so good and they are fun.
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: : : Hes having tons of fun! I love that spin on top of the coping, its really cool looking. He does stuff I really want to do but cant do yet, even grinding a rail. Robert, he also has some cool flip videos. :-D I'm itching to skate!!
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