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a cool video
Thanks! And that was just me in the video. As to the plate tricks, I'm assuming that you mean stall stepping the coping. It helps for increasing the speed of your eye to foot coordination, which can lead to bigger and harder tricks. I find that it also helps train me to un-hang my trucks off the coping on big airs, if they catch.

And btw, I am Biff Riley down in the little state of Texas! Austin, that is!
(though I think we have already met by now - old thread)


: I have seen that video and those guys are ripping it up. I love the fact that this person can skate side stance and parellel. I also really like all of the different plate tricks he does. Claudine, if you have a mini ramp, those are the types of plate tricks you should try to learn. They are not real hard, but look so good and they are fun.

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