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a cool video
While in Europe, I skated with people that did both styles. I truly enjoyed watching all of them. I would love to come in contact with Toto Ghali and Martin Broich again. I had the pleasure of skating with Toto for about two weeks. He was incredibly nice and was only one of the many that spoke English so he helped out a lot. Toto had amazing style. Both Toto and Martin were great on skates and could also skateboard very well. Martin had a more aggressive style and was a bad ass. He took me out one night and let me tell you that I was fortunate enough to be on his good side. He was a very nice guy, but also a total bad ass and I would never want to be on his bad side. lol When I travelled Europe, there were so many rollerskaters. It was so awesome. I travelled by myself and did not know a soul and I found the europeans to be awesome. I made a great friend at the time named David. He was Spanish and I did not understand everything he said, but he was so nice and invited me to his home. I am guessing he is about 30 years old now and I hope he is still skating. I am pretty sure that everyone on this site would welcome a visitor and show them a great time. I have very little room for a visitor, but I would make sure to make room. We are a small community and we have to stick together. I don't have time to entertain a guest, but anyone is welcome to come stay for awhile. Any Euopeans or skaters from other states are completely welcome to come visit. My house is your house and my food is your food. The only constraint is that I have to work 8 hours a day and probably can't be a good host. But, I am happy to share what I have.

: Robert, I can assure you that there are a lot of vertical roller skaters skating parallel. However, side stance seems to be the predominant style in the US. I Europe, however, there are a few stylish side stance skaters, but most are riding parallel.
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