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awkward beginnings lol?
lol, oh pleaz, spare me the humility! Let me let my knee heal (STILL hurts!) first so I at least bend my knees when I pump and not just my upper body lol. Try skating where you cant move your knee much and yeah, I look a little goofy lol. But its nice to see why my pumping sucks, its not just the knee bend but I was moving my arms weird but I was dying to see myself skate no matter what. I just dont want to not skate even if injured. I guess this is why most people quit cause I think at first we all look goofy? Skating injured is even more funny lol.

: So you have some video?????? Where is it????
: : Well, I finally saw myself skate. I have airplane arms lol! Did others have flailing arms and such when they first started? Does body control come in time? Seems like most people here have been skating since they were wee ones. But if you started later, did you go through an awkward stage? I see why now I am not pumping higher on the ramps cause my form isnt good yet. I never really roller skated til a year ago and just started this summer so I guess I shouldnt expect gracee, but geez, its more like a roller spaz hahaha! Now I understand why I get so hungry after I skate. I'm really good at expending more energy then necessary. :-P
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