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awkward beginnings lol?
: : His point was to do what you are capable of and not what you would have done ten years ago.
: Tell this Ludi! This guy is definitely ignoring this advice ...

Well, HELL NO I AIN'T STOPPING! I just started. Check out Irene, shes my hero! :-D I donno, looks like shse is still cranking it up and doing awesome!! OK, seems like I might need more rest days now, longer healing time, but I will still play as hard as long as I can.

My problem is that I'm out of shape. Then I went back too fast into it. I skated til I hurt, then skated the next day til I hurt, and again and again lol. My body wasnt ready for explosive movements. So I pulled a muscle. Now I have a major jumpin craving, ok, I think I have to chill on that til this is healed. Maybe til spring unfortunately...... But stop, NO WAY!

Knees dont have a blood supply so they take long and I dont seem to have the patience. I have to take caution. When I have the knee braces on, takes most the pressure off it. If it tells me no, I am trying to listen. But stalls dont take extreme knee bend. Not more then transitions. I wont try them if its bothering me though, promise. This isnt age, its just not healed. I will see how it goes. The park is only open 3 more weeks. Then if I must, I will take another lay off. I dont know how to get into shape though with rest very well. Gosh, I really love skating!!

Hey, get him some skates!!
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