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awkward beginnings lol?
: I don't know Claudine, I think you are doing pretty good for just starting this summer! I've coached and trained new skaters for the last couple years with roller derby and months after they started they could barely keep their balance on a flat track, nevermind a skate ramp or park. And then there are the veteran skaters who wouldn't go near a ramp!
: and i'm no pro or anything but what I've learned from watching and doing, is bending at the knees!!
: wish me luck in Minnesota this weekend!!
: holly

I think you will do AWESOME in Minnesota! I'll be thinking bout you. Have fun! Take pics, I wanna see you roll and smash all the girls lol. :-D

Yeah, I think if I ever think I'm sucky, I need to go to the rink again. Its weird. I think roller skating is much harder to pick up cause after just a few months of skating, I was skating with people who have been skating 3-5 years. And in the DC league, none of those girls would even budge to go on the streets. You have no idea how great it is to skate with you! I have such a blast when you're around. I'm gonna put on my toe stops and you'll have to teach me how to run on them like you do. You're awesome! ;-D

I'm taking the week off from skating and lifting so my knee will be healed when you get back. Then I can take that brace off and get my knees bending. I'll just do some light exercises to get things going. After watching some videos, yeah, see I need to work on squatting with my hips/knees more when I pump. Its easy to improve when you know what you're doing wrong. So when you come back, I'm jumpin that spine! In my head I'm ready now. Then you can watch me SPLAT hahahaha!

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