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To the coping and BEYOND?
Well, getting better in some things but I still dont have quite enough speed for stalls. I can get one skate up there, but for front stalls I need both with speed to get erect to stand up straight for the stall and for back stalls I need to get my other skate up there. So I need another 2-3 inches of speed!!

I got it so now I can just step on the coping in the center of the ramp, stand up straight and jump in, then compress down, but that didnt help and I have no idea why. Think cause I hit lower? I guess pumping IS mostly in the knees and the speed comes from really pushing up from a squatted position going up the ramp? Thats where I am having trouble cause of my injury. I'm taking a short lay off cause I think I'm messing up cause of it and Holly is gone next weekend so I might skip. Bummer!

But I think I can JUMP the spine next time! Its the same drop in as the halfpipe, but the spine is only about 4 feet tall. There are 2 pieces of coping on both sides so my feet arent big enough to stall them both to go over, but I think if I just lift my feet and lean forward to jump it, I have it easy right? Just need to get over the fear mentally. I think I will smash my ass the first time but its well protected lol so it doesnt hurt. Or I could break my nose, hahaha?

I dropped in a higher ramp and finally got over both the humpty-humps and had a blast with Holly so it was a good sk8n day til my leg said NO. If possible, I need to stall somehow in 2 weeks from now if my leg must rest. Thats the last day this park is open til March.
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