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That video is so disturbing to me. I am so glad he came out of that fall ok. Claudine, I am guessing your challenge is dropping in and the pump going down the wall. Going up is not the place to pump. When dropping in step in at the highest point and don't jump. You need to squat at the highest point of the wall and while coming up from the squat you should be at the transion of the flat bottom. This is where you get your speed from pumping and going up should be a forward motion sort of throwing your arms and body upward. You are basically crouching like a squat and pushing down hard to generate speed. At the bottom of the transion where you start straighting up is where you get your speed. Just becarelful not to put too much weight leaning backwards or your feet will give out and you will land on your butt. I just bought an awesome camera that does video and I hope to start using it this weekend. If things go as planned, I will skate a bit to get my skills back and I will put together a little video for you. It could take a while, but will give me something to focus on. I will try to convey this thought in your mind: Get to the coping with one foot on it. Stand up straight with your weight on your plate. While having all of your weight on that foot standing staight up, step in bending your body and legs. Around half way down push your legs hard as if you are getting up from a crouch. This will give you plenty of spee.

: : : I was watching UR videos. :-D Hey, think I understand pumping more. Seems like the best way to think about it is lowering your butt to your heels then pressing with your legs as you go up? Thats right correct?
: :
: : Pushing is very similar to gaining height on a swing. You compress and push when you are going down the transitition (well, that works best once you already have some height. So the initial height is achieved otherwise).
: I guess since I"m resting my leg this week, I should go find a swing and practice! :-D
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