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My first impression is not so hot but I think I need to give it another shot with more appropriate wheels and time to know for sure. They had one section that was 8 feet deep, again, the slope was flat and there were many cracks.

The walls are mostly flat, rough and irregular. I tried with my hard wheels and that made my legs shatter some and skated in 44 mm wide roller skate boxy wheels and that was a carving disaster not to mention slow as heck. Not fun for me at all. I only did the shallow end since I had to leave early. I guess my feet are total lesbians now cause they seem to get off on smooth curvy surfaces! I hit a pocket at greebbelt and its really exciting!! I didnt hit any excitment at this park but will give it a go and do the whole park next weekend starting from the top with my aerobic wheels since they are curved at least and soft. It was also an a-social park so I couldnt talk to others about lines, etc. Maybe I just didnt know how to ride it? But with such a hike, if its not fun next week, I'll stay with the smooth as butter bowls!
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