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Greenbelt bowls
: : : : The small bowl is PERFECT!! I'm sure some of you guys can do that one with pool coping, I'm hesistant. I think sidestance would be easier but I would have to step IN the bowl to go down. I'll try landsdowne again since Holly likes it. But for me I like curved smooth surfaces. There are other bowls too, one in Frederick which looks perfect, is close but its pay. WIth gas its even though. There are about 7-8 places with bowls around here within an 1 1/2. I had no idea!!
: : : :
: : : : Whats a tranny?
: : :
: : : the curve you sk8 on , or a muddled up person .
: :
: : Nice one Ludi,,I got it..
: I always thought this was short for "transistion", but skater lingo sometimes is somewhat confusing ...

Perfectly correct Mr B,it's short for transition and transvestite.Whichever you choose to ride,, wear protection.

cheers joe
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