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Greenbelt bowls
I had probably the best skate day ever today! I dont know how to explain it, but riding the bowl is the best feeling ever. I skated for 3 1/2 hrs and had to stop cause I was so hungry I had to eat. Otherwise I would have skated another 3 lol. Nothing else can compare to this great feeling I had. I even did front stalls on it today! I rode on the top in the shallow end. Still cant figure out the pumping and no speed yet but I'm beginning to get the carving. If anyone knows about the Canon PowerShot SD750 camera, shoot me an email. I want to get a video of me cause I'm having a blast! The boarders there are great too and think my skates are cool. :-D

The bigger bowl looks scary to me. Its 10.5 foot in the deep end and 7-8 foot in the shallow end. Its all pool coping and that extends close to 2" past the bowl on the inside. Its vert drop in all the way around. Irene, if you can do this, I will be so amazed!!!!!! I have no idea how on roller skates you can drop in with the coping going inside the bowl so far being vert. Only seen skateboarders do it! I would think you would die lol. I will take photos next time I go in daylight

Tomorrow I do Lansdowne first time, lots of snake runs I was told! What an awesome life I have, couldnt be happier. I'm in total love with my skates!!!! :-D
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