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Well, I took it out. The 46mm were a bad deal! I'll either put on the bowl bombers or a smaller hard wheel or should I put on a soft roller skate wheel? Those 46mm wheels were shattering my body and as soon as I hit a pencil, I went flying. I was only going 2 mph too. I want some soft tires, not too heavy though, any advice? Seems like its pretty similar to roller skating. But I had fun! I think I"m regular on skateboard. My balance/strength is right foot. I skate that one forward with roller skates, but I need that one on the tail to turn. My left leg is useless, it just hangs there and causes me pain lol.

I got to try out a long board today too. They were too long for me since I like my feet over the trucks, but I liked the width. I've decided I just love to cruise on boards, tricks are for my skates. So the guy told me about cheap old school decks. Balance on those is more comfortable. My trucks have 6 holes so I can go either way he said. But mine are only 8" wide so I might need new hangers later you think? But this is the board I will get. $15!!!!!!!!
Cool, huh?

I also need new bushions. I couldnt turn the board for the life of me. They guy said I dont weigh enough. They are probably hard from time. Should I get the same extra soft as my roller skates or just soft? These are mediums. My trucks are reg. independent, but I need conical. I will get a tail piece. Thats it. My wallets going on a diet lol. I'll get wheels in time. I did have fun today til I hit that pencil lol.
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