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: : I'm going to go slightly harder on the bushions on the skateboard since I will be able to barrel more weight on them. I have 73a I think for the roller skates. SHould I go with 79a or 85a? Any opinions. I weigh the same as a 12 yr old lol, but I have heavy thought at times hahahaha.
: im hearing you about the rubbers (cushions).
: i would recommend indy red conical rubbers, they are the softest ones. i fit them to everything. in the wheel dept, id try 60 mm. 95 duro, that would give you the best of both worlds.
: even though the cost of living sounds high over there, i admire your g.f.i. (go for it) attitude.
: happy rolling and good luck. cheers h.

I rode today! :-D I'm actually doing a-ok!! OK, the problem with the trucks not turning was half me lol. I'm used to roller skating, front foot forward, leaning forward. Today I learned how to really turn! I had to put my feet on top the trucks and further on the left side of the board and realized its toe or heel to turn. Probably simple but skating sideways is new to me. And then learned to turn my front foot sideways, stand up straighter. Is this akin to sidestance? I'm wondering if after I learn this if I will be able to do sidestance. I still would like to go both ways lol.

I think I'll go with blue khiro. Or how are the indys different? I have 92a on now and the nuts are almost off. My skates are 73a. Skateboarding you put more weight on the sides so I think 85a or so will be a winner! THere is lots of play to the bushion now so I can turn. If its more snug and soft, it will be easier.

I find for street, I enjoy the board more now. I like the fact I can walk or run off my board if I'm in a bad place. With skates, you have to know ahead where youre going! So I'm limited where I can skate until I get really awesome on them. I seem to be picking this up much faster then roller skating. I assume thats because I roller skated? Skateboarding doesnt bother my knee at all and I never fall since I can run off. I think this is a match made in heaven (board + skate!) No more sitting on my butt grumpy days lol. (unless its crappy weather...) I might one day cut a board in half and make some Sandler skates lol. I know Robert, I'm an addict! But I think I can now sell my scooter. :-D
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