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: : I got to try out a long board today too. They were too long for me since I like my feet over the trucks, but I liked the width.
: Fee here in Freiburg make custom long boards for ladies. Check out here site

Well, one day... Hey, I checked out 2 longboards today and a slalom board. The slalom board was too turny for me. The longboard, if I put my front foot over the trucks, it was a far distance to the rear. So I was riding just half of it. I actually did more enjoy it but I liked the oldschool board best which is the blank deck I'm getting. What is FUN on longboards, go atop a steep hill, sit on it, lean back and let it rip down the road!! Swerve around the cars so you dont smash hahaha. :-D Dang, another sport when I'm old and have bum legs!! Now to design a brake and later motor to go back up the hill. I got me a toy when my legs dont work anymore lol.

Wow, soft wheels! They roll faster outside. I was in heaven! I guess I will have both a mess at the park and a cruisin board one day. I was told longer boards are faster due to distance of trucks. Is this true? That would be points for a long wheel base! I need to look into these trucks on that slalom board. I think they might be too wide for me but they would be incredible for vert skates for you guys! For streets, I recommend abec 11 no skoolz 75a wheels. I got me some today! Man, love them skateboarders lol! I also have some bulldog BDS wheels to try out for my vert skates. They are hard, wider. I will check them out. .
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