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Bernhard (videos by Bernhard) (pictures by Bernhard)
vertical rollerskater side-surfer
Hi Irene,

welcome here in this place. I hope you enjoy it here. Also visit Lisa's site (URL can be found at the resources page). She has another site on vertical roller skating and does also ramp skating.

And: Thank you very much for sharing your pictures!

: I would like to share stuff with other rollerskaters and am interested to find out how many of us still do this type of skating.

No one knows for sure. But lots of surprises keep coming.

: My setup is: Riedell speed boot, Variflex baseplates with ACS 580 metal hangars (70's freestyle skateboard trucks), Flip wheels 99A 60mm, Powell Red Bones, metal grind bars attached to kingpins. My size 5 feet cannot accommodate grindrails closer to my feet.

Do you know of a source for those ACS hangers? Or have your's just survived for so long? Powell wheels can still be obtained from South Eastern Skate supply as I have learned today.
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