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Finding Trucks
Hi Irene,

: I found my trucks on eBay. These were hard to find, the 580 size (I'm riding these now, about 2.75" of truck between the wheels. I have the 500's (these are around) also found on eBay. I see lots of Bennett trucks. I think Independent still makes a small truck for freestylers. Maybe freestyle skateboarders have resources for narrower trucks. And of course, Tracker's mid and half tracks are around, maybe in magnesium?

My own trucks (Gullwing freestyle) are still in working order. Probably I will need a replacement some day. But I'm also trying to collect information that I can add to this site so that it becomes more useful.

: Very happy to have a place with contacts to other rollerskaters!
: Thanks

Thank you for the warm words! I wouldn't have believed to see so many interesting people in this forum such a short time after I have started it. You all give this place live!

But now I will go to bed. It's already 3 am in this part of the world.
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