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Finding Trucks
Well I just used a bench grinder to grind out the axel from my old indy freestyle trucks....I was going to cut down the axel on the new indy trucks I bought and then tap a new thread onto it...I suspect it can be done but I couldnt find the right tape to doubt you could find it somewhere but I had to fix it using the old axle was the best bet at the time......I had to grind the old trucks just enough so as not to grind into the axel but enough so that I could get enough movement to break it out......and the new trucks I cut to size with a hacksaw before I bashed the hell out of the axel to get it out....I hear from some of my skateboarding mates that and oldsckool skateshop near me has a press that pushes out axels out of trucks...sounds to easy to do need a bench grinder to make all this easier though.....Had to shape the ends of the new trucks so that they didnt hit the inside of the wheels......all up though it was a good job...If I have to do it again I will try and tap a new thread on the new axel....hell even if you stuff a few trucks trying to make one it worth it in the long run....WE ARE ALL JUST TO HARDCORE......sk8 with 8....
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