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No grind bars, no skate
Ok, so I am starting to learn a little bit about equiptment. I took off my grind bars last night and just putting my trucks back on took me a littel bit of time. Today, I got to the park and realized when trying to tighten my trucks that I needed a spacer on top of the bushings. I drove over to a skate shop and spent $6 bucks and thought I would be ready to go. Once I got my trucks back on, which took very little time because I have it down now, I thought I was all set. My skates felt really weird and nothing like two days ago. I thought it might have been because I put my front trucks on the rear or something. I figured I would just skate and see what happened. I put my foot over the coping to drop in and realized something that I never thought about. My new set up has double spring instead of single spring trucks. This means that the distance between my plate and trucks is very far. I could not even latch on. On my old single spring skates my plate would touch coping and my trucks would touch the coping. I realized that I can not skate with out my grind bar so I did a little skateboarding in the bowl and then went home and put my grind bars back on. I am stuck with my grind bars till I find a better solution. I guess I will just have to suck it up and start doing footplants and plate stahls with no clasping at all. I had moreto work better grab on the coping with my oldschool inline skates. I did not have the new style skates, but still had some grab in between the wheels.
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