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No grind bars, no skate
: Ok, so I am starting to learn a little bit about equiptment. I took off my grind bars last night and just putting my trucks back on took me a littel bit of time. Today, I got to the park and realized when trying to tighten my trucks that I needed a spacer on top of the bushings. I drove over to a skate shop and spent $6 bucks and thought I would be ready to go. Once I got my trucks back on, which took very little time because I have it down now, I thought I was all set. My skates felt really weird and nothing like two days ago. I thought it might have been because I put my front trucks on the rear or something. I figured I would just skate and see what happened. I put my foot over the coping to drop in and realized something that I never thought about. My new set up has double spring instead of single spring trucks. This means that the distance between my plate and trucks is very far. I could not even latch on. On my old single spring skates my plate would touch coping and my trucks would touch the coping. I realized that I can not skate with out my grind bar so I did a little skateboarding in the bowl and then went home and put my grind bars back on. I am stuck with my grind bars till I find a better solution. I guess I will just have to suck it up and start doing footplants and plate stahls with no clasping at all. I had moreto work better grab on the coping with my oldschool inline skates. I did not have the new style skates, but still had some grab in between the wheels.

I donno, maybe I have a concussion cause I'm confused on your post lol. But here is what Gamblin did for his sliders that you should view:

Mine only entail the fact that there is a V on top. I made mine more a curved one but next time it will be just a V I think. What I did is measure the distance between the axels for length of sliders, cut rectangular blocks. Cut outside C cuts. I marked on there with a sharpie, not a good idea since it rubs off but did OK for me still. Cut the top to stop at the center of your axels. Cut the top V cut. Cut the center, bottom out. Trim insides, etc. to fit so the sliders dont touch your kingpin/trucks when you carve. Take plate and with sliders on drill a tiny hole in center then I kinda carved it out. Attach with bolts, flathead, plate to sliders. Since you are not using your mounting bolts, attach just the plate to sliders.

Or ask Irene. She put a box on hers then you can just attach rails to it! More simple. Cutting plastic wtih a jigsaw takes me 2 weekends to do. Its time consuming. If you can get someone with machinery to do it, thats awesome. All ways would require holes drilled into your plate. My methods are not as technical as they are visual. I cut to fit. I sew clothes that way too lol, no pattern. /.-P Go figure, at work I am told I am more technical then creative???? Confused again lol.
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