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h ludi.
No grind bars, no skate
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: : this could work for your setup. make a box, attach, add slider shape of choice.
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: : daniel now rides the same setup as you, with lisa's grindbars modified. he bent angles to lower them closer to the plate, then added plastic screwed into the grindbar for slide.
: Irene's idea sounds easiest!! I think you should just talk to Lisa. See if she has a bar one size bigger, get them to heat it up to bend it down to a V since you said you had people who work with metal? Just drill holes in the grindbar and attach sliders to it. Wont mess up your plates, light, simple. I'm not sure what her new bars will look like. I wish I had time to do this. Tell me how to win the lottery, I will quit my job and build you some incredible skates, for FREE! Have to win the lottery first lol. Work + school = 60 hrs/week already, add in skate, my own projects. This old woman needs to sleep!!

gday, 60hrs plus 10hrs yapping on here, no wonder your tired girl.
ive never used grind bars, i prefer wider trucks so i can really grind whilst carving, i love the noise and feel underfoot. ive plastic acs plates so i can still slide in a fashion. ever since i was a little kid ive loved the speed, the wind in the hair, you know. thats what i like about sk8ting.
had a quiet roll yesterday that ended up quite a roll.
thats it for now, cheers h.

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