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Uploading video?
Since I'm out, I'm now designated the camera woman lol. I have some video of my boyfriend skating vert and doing a few tricks in the street section. :-D My camera really sucks for pictures, its the Nikon CoolPix. It takes 2 secs. to shoot the pic and if a flash is used, 5 secs to recover from that. So I tried the video out. It starts within 2 secs and its not bad, So one day I will want to get a nicer camera, but the video runs good enough.

My arm is hurting so trying to keep computer work to a minimum. I guess uploading it to U-tube is best? Let me know any hints please. The price of gas is too high for me to run around on this holiday, but I still need to rest my arm as much as I can for now so I dont want to build my own web pages for a few more weeks.
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