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h.ludi. (pictures by h.ludi.)
Uploading video?
: : Claudine,
: :
: : You may have Windows Movie Maker on your machine. My Microsoft XP came with it and that is what I use for editing. It is pretty easy to use.
: :
: : : : I figured out youtube already. I have Flash, but is there a way to edit the video?
: : :
: : : With Youtube? I don't know. I never ever uploaded anything to Youtube. Probably because I never created a video worth mentioning.
: : :
: : : : Parts of it I would like to cut and join the videos. Or the sound.
: : :
: : : I suppose you need some video editing software on your computer. Sorry, I don't know much about videos. There are lots of people here on the forum experienced with videos, however.
: Oh, I have a mac, bummer. I dont see anything on it. Well, I'll just upload the vids until I figure out how to edit it. Just ignore my dumb comments lol. My videos wont be that exciting, but we are going to document each others progress. We are fighting getting old and are going to actually get better by helping each other out. When its done, I'll post them. Its skateboarding but you can see my favorite spot to ride!

cant wait to see you in action.
we just need a battery and compter lead for the camera and well be posting too. i havent the fogiest how to do it but ill get the kids onto that.
anyway get well before you get rad again .
cheers h .

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