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Uploading video?
: Since I'm out, I'm now designated the camera woman lol. I have some video of my boyfriend skating vert and doing a few tricks in the street section. :-D My camera really sucks for pictures, its the Nikon CoolPix.

Hm. There are about a zillion CoolPix models. But by far the most digital compact cameras are slooow.

: My arm is hurting so trying to keep computer work to a minimum.

Speedy recovery! I know how you feel.

: I guess uploading it to U-tube is best?

This forum integrates best with Youtube, yes. It displays the video weather you post just the URL or the HTML they offer for embedding and--best of all--it will be indexed automatically so you can browse the Youtube videos posted to this forum. Maybe some day I will rework the code so that it can deal with more video sites, but at the moment, indexing is only done for Youtube.
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